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Why Jewelry Insurance Appraisals Are Important

-For peace of mind against loss, theft, disappearance and damage for your valuable jewelry
-For the fluctuating metal and diamond market values
-For current market values on estate settlements
-For determining authenticity of jewelry

Jewelry Insurance Appraisals

Our on-site goldsmith inspects your jewelry, diamonds and gemstones for structure and durability. Our goldsmith also polishes and cleans your precious items before being evaluated by our on-site GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG).

Our GG measures all stones and evaluates using the 4C’s (cut, color, clarity and carat weight), verifies purity and weighs metal and also uses a microscope, diamond tester and refractometer when necessary.

You will receive two (2) copies of your insurance appraisal with all the detailed information, pictures and a replacement value of your item for insurance purposes.